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How to Write an Essay: Rules to Follow

The internet has become so accessible and widespread that simply having a number of facts stored in your mind is no longer helpful enough to show your knowledge. For this reason essays have become more important than ever since they require students to bring together a number of ideas and present an argument on a topic, thus displaying their knowledge over a given area. Being able to communicate well is absolutely necessary in the real world. But you should know all of the ins and outs of effective essay writing. Here are some rules you should follow when custom writing a high school essay, but it is still recommended to look for ib extended essay writing service who can guarantee you the best mark given by your teacher:

Your essay must have proper structure

In order for your essay to be readable it should be broken up into several paragraphs. This is what allows it to flow in a logical manner. High school essays should follow a basic formula – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your introduction lets you reader know what your essay is about and establishes your argument. Your body paragraphs contain your main points in support of your argument. And your conclusion summarizes what you’ve accomplished in your paper.

Each body paragraph must have proper structure

Not only does your entire essay need structure, but each individual paragraph needs structure. Generally, there are four items a well-written paragraph should have: 1) a statement that lets your reader know your main point; 2) an explanation that says why your statement is true; 3) examples that give evidence to your statement; and 4) an explanation to why the point you made in the paragraph is important.

Your essay needs an essay plan

You wouldn’t consider going on vacation or taking a road trip without having a map in hand. Before you start writing your essay you should take a moment to develop a plan of what you’re going to write about and where it is you will find the information you need to make your argument. Essay plans give instant structure to your essay and will help you from forgetting important points and from losing your way as you write.

Revise and edit

When you come back to look at something you’ve written, you will likely find several tiny mistakes that you didn’t notice before. This is why proofreading your essay or a research paper is a great way of improving your marks. If you want to have your paper done free of mistakes, here you can find help with research paper you need. Ask yourself a few questions as you read: Does you essay make sense? Do you have a clear thesis statement? Do your paragraphs make sense? Read your essay aloud so you can see how it flows. Moreover, you can resort to help of expert writers, and be calm about the quality of your essay.

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