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15 Outstanding Topics to Write Your Persuasive Essay on

Are you wondering how to start your essay writing assignment? Do you have bunch of ideas but not sure, if they would work? Are you too worried about the grade you score in your essay? Do you want to blow people out with an outstanding topic for your persuasive essay?

If yes, then you have landed to the right page. A persuasive essay aims to convince your readers to a certain topic with enough evidence and logic. However, to be able to convince a reader you first need to engage them. For this reason, the topic of your essay must be very catchy.

Persuasive essay topics

  1. Why do some religions have the obligation of getting their children circumcised? Circumcised men have lesser skin related diseases than that of those who are not
  2. Sore throat and flu do not have a sure medication to recover in a day, you need to take prevention measures and focus on homemade remedies
  3. Employees do not produce their best if they have low wages or poor working environment
  4. Life spent on streets is better than that spent in over protective family system in many ways. Street smart children tend to judge people early and have the ability to make spontaneous decisions
  5. Taking a nanny along while going to work is preferred over leaving your child at a day care center
  6. Leaving your kids at the day care center is a better option than taking a nanny to work
  7. Cigarette smoking is not as bad as you think
  8. Drugs and sedatives used for increasing the productivity are not as bad as you think
  9. Marijuana should be legalized for medicine and health care purposes
  10. You cannot keep vegetarian fish and meat eaters in the same aquarium for long
  11. Is it better to buy a matchstick or use a gas lighter for your kitchen?
  12. People who tend to be shy or introvert personality may have a history with abusive parents or domestic violence
  13. We should look at the commons between different cultures and religions rather than focusing on the differences
  14. Working on a desktop computer had its limitations that you do not face with laptops, tabs, pads etc. The biggest problem with desktop computers is of mobility
  15. People have the urge to kill because they have personality disorders rising from injustice and bitter childhood experiences

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