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The 20 Best Problem Solution Essay Topics For High School Students

A problem and solution essay is exactly what it sounds like. You need to present your readers a problem, discuss it and then find a solution that is manageable and can really help. If your teacher did not give you any field to work in, you can write on literally anything, any issues that may present a problem for the society you live in. Just look around and see for yourself. Here are a 20 topic suggestions for your problem and solution essay:

  1. How can we get rid of human trafficking in third-world countries?
  2. How can United States prevent illegal immigration?
  3. How to eliminate the remaining racist laws?
  4. How to teach children not to experiment with drug substances?
  5. How can parents prevent their children from getting bullied at school?
  6. Is there a way for a child to prevent a divorce?
  7. How can teachers and classmates at school help a child to overcome the divorce of their parents?
  8. How can we teach children to read more books outside of school?
  9. How can we easily implement the parental control over the online content?
  10. Is there a possibility to teach teenagers to drive responsibly?
  11. What is the best way to clean the ocean from all the plastic garbage?
  12. Can we stop chopping down forests and how to do it?
  13. How can we save the endangered animal species?
  14. How to teach your child to take care of nature?
  15. How can free healthcare be ensured to all US citizens?
  16. What small steps should be taken to help homeless in your own town?
  17. What is the best way to make prisoners the full members of society again?
  18. What is the best way to improve literacy among the grown-ups in small villages?
  19. How to make a small town more bicycle-friendly?
  20. How can we deal with the accidents of domestic violence?

A few tips on writing a problem and solution:

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