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Interesting Middle School Descriptive Essay Topics

Building language proficiency during Middle school is crucial given that this is a very formative stage of learning for all children. It is during these years in school that children are introduced to some advanced concepts in maths and sciences. In addition, it is around this stage that the curriculum gets more complicated and requires greater analytical thinking. It is common to begin to write more essays while completing homework and assignments from this stage onwards - and a firm grasp of the English language is very important for success.

What is a descriptive essay?

Descriptive essays are very good exercises at this stage in any student’s life. They are good for the following reasons:

How to write good descriptive essays

The process for writing a descriptive essay is quite easy and you should feel free to try it on your own.

The most important sections or aspects you want to cover include what, when, where, why and how. These are very important questions in writing any essay and are useful in forming a thread through your article.

Here are some interesting titles you may want to consider for your descriptive essay exercises:

  1. Winning an award
  2. Short passage on a process in sciences
  3. A memorable journey
  4. A life changing event
  5. A dream
  6. A phobia
  7. A friend
  8. A vacation
  9. Learning a new language
  10. Acting in a play
  11. Running a marathon
  12. Organizing a marathon, etc.

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