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10 Winning High School Argumentative Essay Topics About 1984

When you are expected to write an argumentative essay on 1984, one of the hardest parts is deciding on a topic to write the paper on. The novel was written by George Orwell in 1949 is one of the common books that teachers ask high school students to read. This type of essay is common because it works well with some of the controversial issues in the piece.

An argumentative essay is designed to give your opinion on an issue. You will tell your side and then prove why your side is the right one. You will need to write this type of paper with six paragraphs. You will write a normal five paragraph paper with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. But you will add an additional paragraph before the conclusion that expresses the opposing view and a direct rebuttal.

You will discuss the topic in the introduction. It should include a thesis which will state your stand. Spend three paragraphs proving why you believe the topic. Each paragraph should consider a different reason. You would then discuss the opposing view with direct reasons why you believe that it is not correct. End with a conclusion and you have an argumentative essay.

Here are ten winning high school argumentative essay topics to consider:

  1. Agree or disagree with the way the children were used
  2. Agree or disagree with the way that technology was used
  3. Agree or disagree with Winston’s opinion of the relation to the proletariat social class
  4. Agree or disagree with the possibility of totalitarianism
  5. Determine a main theme of the book and agree or disagree
  6. Determine which government can control the populace better
  7. Popular events in history that shaped the piece
  8. Important factors of the party’s system of control
  9. Most useful method that Big Brother utilizes and whether it’s effective
  10. Why Preston succeeds and Smith fails?

Once you pick a topic, the next step should be to write an outline to start and plan how you want your essay to be. It will focus on organizing your ideas so that you can present the best case for your side of the issue. You may want to present the evidence that is more important first or you may think it is best to write it last. The outline will help you decide the best way to present your ideas.

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