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Five easy steps to write a winning academic essay fast

Now there are two important words in the title of this article and those words are easy and fast. You want steps that are simple to follow and easy to understand and that's because you’re writing a winning academic essay in as short a time frame as possible.

Many would know that it's not much good writing an academic essay very quickly if what you produce is no good. You don't get extra points for being quick; in fact you don’t get any points for being quick. But you must never lose sight of the fact that quality always counts.

  1. Choose an ideal topic.
  2. Do as much research as possible.
  3. Have a clear and detailed outline.
  4. Write your first draft super quickly.
  5. Become an expert proofreader.

Now if time is the essence of the contract then the choice of topic plays a vital part. If you love the topic you're about to write about or if you have already studied this topic before and have lots of information stored away in your little head, then you are surely going to be quick in the writing of your essay.

And the choice will greatly depend on the type of research material available. Yes you must have a passion for the topic but yes you must also be able to find relevant and accessible research material. Learn how to take notes quickly and well.

Your plan or outline is the key to your success. In fact you can spend more time on your plan than you do on the actual writing of your academic essay. Get the structure of the plan right and get the information you need in each paragraph right.

Now this is an activity where you are expected to finish your academic essay in a very short period of time so this next step will suit you right down to the ground. Write the first draft as quickly as possible.

And here is another step which is vital to your success. You need to become very good at proofreading and editing. If that means walking away from the first draft of your academic essay for a day or two then so be it. But you need to develop the skill of looking for errors and looking for such things as ambiguous writing or repetition or failing to answer the question or wandering off topic. So if you follow those five steps you might very well finish up writing your academic essay in a very short amount of time.

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