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A List of Exciting Topics for Analytical Essays

It's most important before you choose a topic for your analytical essay that you understand what is required for this type of writing. The key word is obviously analytical. You have to make an analysis of a particular issue or subject. You have to examine it and comment upon it. And from your comments you will form an opinion and that opinion must be supported by facts. Of course writing well is vital but so too is your evidence and ability to create a well-supported analysis.

An analytical essay will be broken down into a series of components. Just as you will have various paragraphs in your essay, so too you will have several points. And the person who writes a really successful analytical essay is someone who is well organized. Their plan lists the number of points they wish to make. They start off with the most important point first and work through down to the least important point. And they always have evidence to support each claim. That’s the key to a good analysis - evidence in support of every claim.

As far as the actual topic itself is concerned, if you choose something you are interested in or have knowledge about, you help yourself gain a much better chance of being successful. It's so much easier to write an analysis of something you enjoy or know about.

And to be really successful you need to find the focus of your topic. If you write an analysis of the topic which is too broad and too general, your essay will be too broad and too general. So choose a topic and focus on that topic. Make it as specific as possible. That will make your analysis essay shorter but certainly more relevant and more interesting.

Here are some possible topics for you to choose an analytical essay.

  1. Being a single parent is tough.
  2. Starting a family when the parents are teens is a real challenge.
  3. How do you choose the right career?
  4. A military career has pros and cons.
  5. Global warming is really a myth.
  6. Drug use would drop if all drugs were legal.
  7. Obesity has become an epidemic.
  8. Retirement is no longer affordable for many people.
  9. Developers and politicians should never be allowed to mix.
  10. Lonely people should be allowed to have pets as visitors.

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