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How to Use Problem/Solution Essay Examples to Write Your Paper Successfully 

Students are often asked to write problem/solution essays to show their abilities to analyze problems and come up with the possible ways out. This task is quite manageable, especially if you have the example of a well-written problem/solution essay to rely upon. From this sample, you can see the proper structure of this essay type and the ways to express your ideas and suggest your solutions. As a result, you will be able to organize your writing process in the most effective way. Look at the available essay example and pay attention to the following details:


Read the problems paragraph carefully and investigate the following aspects:

All these aspects should be taken into account in your problems paragraph. Do not raise more than three problems; remember that each of them should be properly explained and solved in the following paragraphs, and your essay should consist of a certain number of words.

Therefore, when choosing ideas for your problem/solution essay, be sure to know:

Use the appropriate linking words to introduce your problems one by one.


Read the solutions paragraph of the essay example. Pay attention to the following information:

When speaking about the responsibility for the solutions, try to come up with at least three groups of people. These may be a particular person, a government, and the narrow group of people (like the workers of some company, parents, or doctors, etc.)

Be explanatory when suggesting your solutions. Do not simply state the ways of problem solving, but explain and provide each explanation with details.

Take a look at how the solutions are made in the essay sample. You will notice that modal verbs (must, should, have to, be to) and phrases (it is necessary, desirable, important, advisable that) are used for this purpose. Include these types of words in your piece of writing; do it properly and grammatically correctly. Now reread the example to remember its organization and start creating your own purpose/solution essay.

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