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Writing An Outstanding Illustration Essay: Vital Things To Know

An illustration essay is one of the easiest, straight forward essays you can create. All you need to do is find a topic that argues a condition or that says that a phenomenon exits and have examples that can prove it. What your paper is for is to state an opinion and give reasons why that opinion is correct. You really don’t need to use too many examples. Two or three would be okay unless your professor specifies certain amount. An illustration essay is also written in the first person and attempts to put the person right there with you to help prove your case.


This type of essay uses the same layout as most other papers. You need an introduction. In this case, the introduction simply states your thesis. Some examples of an illustration thesis is as follows:

Your topic can be as a result of an observation or an interview. It can also be something from your personal experience. Usually the best illustration essays come from something that is important to you. You also want to consider your audience when you are choosing your topic. Make sure that what you are choosing is of some interest to the reader.


It is here that you cite three reasons or examples to prove or explain your thesis. You should write this in the first person. Try to be very descriptive when you are describing your examples. Be as vivid as you can. Try to make the reader think he is standing there with you. Use your five senses to help describe each example. Put your strongest example first, then your second strongest and then your weakest.


In the conclusion, you should restate your thesis. Put it in different words. Try to tie together the most important points in your examples and reiterate them. You should also state some reasons why your readers should look further into the topic. Your essay should bring out some emotion in your audience and make them react. You want your audience to either feel the same way you do or agree with your thesis. You can accomplish this by creating a great illustrative essay.

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