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Using a Critical Analysis Essay Example for Composing a Perfect Paper

Critical analysis essays are often challenging for students. Beginning students analyzing works of fiction, non fiction, movies, and other media, often make the same murderous (to essays) mistakes--- they plot retell. They get into that whole “and then_______________ and then ______________” then you are writing the essay wrong.

Before I tell you how to use an example to help you compose a perfect paper, I want to tell you, as an English professor, the way most students falter when composing this book.

In a critical analysis essay, you have to assume that your reader already has seen this movie or read the book closely. This will keep you from retelling them the plot of the book. Pretend as if your reader knows every single thing about what happened in the play, movie, book, short story, or other work you are discussing.

Looking For Samples and How to Use Them

When trying to find good samples of essays, you must realize that a really good critical analysis might not have been written about that work—yet. . . (you might still write it!).

Therefore, you need to search for essays on famous works, that students have been writing on for some time. You can try essays on Shakespeare, Hemingway, Faulkner, Sam Shepard, -- any work that has garnered respect for years and years.

This system works because these are essays that are time tested and work.

Try searching for “award winning student essays on _________________________.” These types of searches will reveal essays that can serve as a good model of the kind of essay that you need to write.

Once You Get the Sample

Once you get the sample do you know what you are looking for when you read it? What you can learn from these student writers is very important. Looking at a sample can be the very key you need to sit down and start writing yourself. I am going to tell you exactly what to see in these essays as a model for your own.

Look at the Structure

Look at the intro and note how many attention-getting sentences they use to get you interested in the topic.

Then note how they use their thesis statement, which tells the reader exactly what the essay will do.

Then, note how many evidence paragraphs they use and how they write a good closing paragraph.

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