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A List of Interesting Essay Topics on Cyber Bullying

Nowadays, cyber bullying is a serious issue around the globe. This pertains to the use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, instant messaging, chat rooms, cell phones and e-mail to humiliate, intimidate, embarrass, threaten or harass someone. In addition, this is done by many preteen or teens and children particularly those who have early access to such technologies.

The issue becomes even more complicated by the reality that a bully can disguise her/his real identity and conceal behind an electronic veil. In actuality, this concealment makes it harder to detect the source and this also encourages annoyers to behave more hostile or belligerent than they may face-to-face. Cyber bullying can consist of such acts like sending ethnic or racial smears or offensive insults, threats, attempting to infect the computer of the victim with a virus, gay bashing as well as filling the victim’s inbox with annoying messages. Meanwhile, for those who are victimized by cyber bullying, you can handle it by not responding to defamatory of threatening messages, restricting your computer connection time and not opening messages from unknown sources.

Alternatively, you may also consider active measures such as changing your ISPs, e-mail address and mobile phone accounts, whitelisting or blacklisting e-mail accounts or you may also try tracing the source. Since the use of online and mobile communications has evolved so expeditiously and the crime is comparably new, several jurisdictions are mulling over cyber bullying laws. Be that as it may, the crime is covered by actual laws against harassment and personal threats. In a few cases, it may be sensible to consult a lawyer or inform the local police department. It is not advised that you settle in kind because such behavior can result to criminal charges against you, civil actions or heightened attacks.

To fully understand what cyber bullying really is and its scope, it is helpful to go over the following articles that surely encompass all things you have to learn about cyber bullying. By reading the articles, you can learn more about cyber guidelines and tips, cyber bullying stories and tactics.

Here is a list of the most interesting and must-read cyber bullying articles to choose from:

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