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How to Write an Essay Paragraph: Structuring Guidelines

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Getting assigned an essay in school can be daunting, but once you get started it is easy. One of the questions that always pops up is “How do I write such and such paragraph?” Well, depending on which paragraph you are asking about, the answer can change. For example, the introductory paragraph is written much differently than the body paragraphs, but fairly similarly to the conclusive paragraph. Also, the type of the essay can help dictate exactly how each paragraph is supposed to be written. For the purpose of this article, we will look at the standard five-paragraph essay.


In the introduction, there are three different parts. The parts are as listed below:

The first, the attention-grabbing statement, should do exactly what the title says: grab the attention of the reader. You do not want your teacher to be bored with the first sentence since your grade can depend on it. The middle stuff is specifically to introduce your topic in three or more sentences. The last sentence requires some thought since you will need to write three points to talk about for the rest of the paper.


The body of your essay will have three similarly written paragraphs based on each of the main points you mentioned in your thesis statement. These will have the following formats:


The very last paragraph of your essay will have the following format:

These last few sentences are supposed to help your reader understand why you chose the topic or the importance of the topic. It is best not to add in any new information that should be included in the body paragraphs, but more of like a reiteration of the middle three sentences you had in your introductory paragraph.

Writing Essays Cont.

Each paragraph in the standard five-paragraph essay will have approximately five sentences. Most teachers will notice if you do not have all five sentences and may even take off points for not having a “full” paragraph. Also, it is best not to go overboard on the number sentences you have per paragraph, which could be as many as seven sentences for some teachers. These essays are meant to be short and a way to help you learn to develop ideas. Good luck on writing your essays!

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