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Creating An Impressive Comparative Essay On Rome And China

To some people, Rome and China are two different countries that share a lot in common. On the other hand, some people appreciate the differences between these two countries but insist that they can never share any commonalities. Indeed these are two countries that have featured prominently in the educational curriculum, and for some reason you will always find it easier to discuss them with relevant material at your behest.

In the event for example that you are supposed to write a good paper on comparing these two countries, you do have so much material to go through, and a lot of subject areas that you can look into. There is virtually nothing standing in between yourself and some good marks in this paper, unless of course you choose to believe you cannot make it.

For a strong comparative essay, you have to shed equal light on the elements that you are using for this particular comparison. It will actually help you to look into some material that has been done on these countries in the past, and use this knowledge to build your own. You will eventually find a proper angle under which you can present a good paper.

When you are planning on work for this task, the following are some ideas that you might want to look into:


Anyone who talks about China for example must always find a way to mention something about the population. This is almost common sense, so there is no way it should miss out in your paper. Do the same for Rome also.

Cultural beliefs

One thing that is prevalent all over the world is that these two subjects have distinct cultural views and practices. China is primarily a society that is built around Confucianism, while Rome on the other hand has an incredible history built around the Roman Catholic Church.

Major attractions

The two study subjects are rich in as far as attractions are concerned. This is something that you must make sure you pay attention to. Discussing Rome for example without a mention of the Vatican is close to impossible, so think about some of these points.

Political angle

When comparing two sovereign regions, you must make sure that you emphasize on the politics that keep them stable and allow for a peaceful coexistence.

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