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How to Write a Personal Reflective Essay about Death: Tips & Tricks

A personal reflective essay challenges you to probe deeply into your personal life history. You’re being asked to explain your feelings and draw meaningful conclusions. Perhaps a particular life event made dramatic change in you and turned you in a different direction than before. A difficult topic would be to discuss personal reflections on death. This is not easy for a young student to do and it can be a very frightening endeavor. Death is mortality and you are being asked to write about something that you hope will be decades away in the distant future. Nevertheless, if you’re given the assignment you should follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Pick the Subject within the Topic. This can be the composition about the death of a very important family member or the pet you dearly loved. The subject should be a person or animal whose passing has an impact sufficient for you to write an entire essay.
  2. Think Very Thoughtfully before You Start Writing. Reflection means looking inside of yourself. You need to take some time to reflect on the subject and the death meaning in your life.
  3. Have Several Insights. Having more than one insight can make the essay much more interesting. There can be life lessons from the event that hold special meaning. Be willing to investigate them.
  4. Take A Few Breaks. Reflecting on death can be highly emotional and leave you feeling drained. It is all right to step away from the composition for a few minutes just to compose yourself.
  5. Write a First Draft with the Expectation of Revising It. The first draft of your essay can be one in which you work with the emotions that reflection has brought to the surface. Once you have written the draft you can go back and do some editing. The first sentences may have been full of passion and grief. The second look is one where you calm down your emotions and bring more clearly to the surface the insights and life lessons.
  6. Work on the Summary. The ending sentences are where you bring it all together and demonstrate conclusions. You can explain in greater detail how the death made an impression on you. Take a little time and don’t rush through this part of the essay. Written properly, it can be the part of the work which has the greatest impact on the reader. A little extra time will produce a very meaningful impression.

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