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Where to Find Good Literary Analysis Essay Samples

Good literary analysis are not the easiest essay to write. One reason is that you are expected to discuss a work of art by an author in terms that require a certain tone, skill, language, and method.

For example, let’s say you are discussing a short story. What you need to do is create a very narrow focus and analyze the essay through that narrow window.

Let’s Discuss Literary Analysis –Never Plot Retell

What you do NOT do in a literary analysis is to retell the plot to the reader. You do not tell your reader what happened in the book at length at all. You tell them how you interpret the book.

For example, you DO NOT say, “The book is about a boy. First the boy goes to the store. Then he comes home and says, “Mom, I need a peanut butter sandwich now.”

You don’t plot retell. In case you are tempted to do this, I will tell you the trick that will help you overcome this harmful tendency, assume a genius knowledge of this book on your reader’s part—even assume that they will be bored if you plot retell. What they want to hear instead is what the book meant to you.

How to Find Good Sample Essays That Will Show You How to Do This

Try literary analysis samples on Ernest Hemingways short stories. Ernest Hemingway is a very straightforward author of short stories who used plain, easily accessible language in his short stories. He was an author that proved it did not take a huge, unusual vocabulary to be a good writer. Instead, he proved that what a story does – not says – is what’s important.

So look up very narrowly focused sample essays – one that focus on one symbol or character in one of Hemingway’s short stories – for example, the symbol of the river in Ernest Hemingway, or that focus on one narrow theme in his short stories.

Look these up on Google.

Try Literary Analysis Websites

Today’s web is full of helpful websites on all aspects of education, including literary analysis. Typically, all websites strive to help you understand writing about literature have some examples of nicely focused analytic essays about short stories, poems, or books for you to study and imitate.

Or, try searching the web for “good, narrowly focused sample literary essays.”

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