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5 Vital Things You Should Include into the Conclusion Paragraph of an Essay

When you finish with your conclusion you should add elements such as a recommendation for what studies or research or other action should be taken following your paper. Avoid adding quotes or references to other sources. You want your conclusion to contain only your words.

Your conclusion should have:

It is normal to struggle with your conclusion. This is often the point at which writers feel they have nothing else to add. Many students think that they spent so much time providing such a lengthy and involved analysis that writing a conclusion is almost an insult to the work they did in the rest of the paper. Students are exhausted by the end of the paper and just don’t want to think creatively anymore.

As a result many students merely rewrite their introduction and place that at the end of the essay. But this should be avoided at all costs. Why? The conclusion is what the reader will remember best so you want it to serve as one of the best representations of your work.

Your conclusion should stress how important your thesis was. It should offer unity and closure for your paper. It should leave a great lasting impression on the reader.

Tip 1:

Show your reader why your paper was important and useful. Don’t leave them to guess. Chances are they will draw a conclusion different from the one you have in mind. So just show them.

Tip 2:

Synthesize for the reader rather than summarize. Don’t just repeat the things you already covered. The reader has already read them. Instead show your reader how those points fit together.

Tip 3:

Redirect your reader by giving them something to think about. Put your work in a “real world” perspective and make the reader reflect as they finish reading. This will cause them to continue thinking about your work long after they finish reading it.

Tip 4

Create some new meaning. This does not mean introduce new material. It means show how the ideas work together as one.

Tip 5

Echo your introduction. Do not copy it line by line. Instead include some of the same ideas but again in a bigger picture way.

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