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Essay Tricks: Why Good Introduction Is So Important?

The introduction is the entryway to a text, so it is very crucial to exert your maximum effort to make the gates open wide so to speak; make the essay as attractive as possible. Mistakes; such as omitting the introduction, including too many facts and background information on the topic, or making the introduction as long as the main body; may cause negative attitudes towards the whole essay no matter how brilliantly it is written.

To succeed in writing an efficient introduction, the writer should:

Here are two examples of good and bad introductions that illustrate these points for a 1000-word essay about gender stereotypes:

Introduction 1:

It is known to everyone that human beings are either male or female. It has been discovered that there were 102 men for every 100 women in 2010. Men have slightly higher mortality rates, so the ratio changes in every age group, from 110 boys to 100 girls at the age of 1, to 79 to 100 after 65. Men have always occupied leading positions in society; the task of women was to keep house and raise kids. Males made important decisions, ruled countries, and were supposed to be powerful and bossy.

Introduction 2:

As Christine de Pizan points out, “just as women's bodies are softer than men's, their understandings are also sharper.” Men and women have fundamental differences. These differences have been noticed and have given birth to a series of gender stereotypes that function in every country, as well as on a global level. They influence the lives of people, the job opportunities they have, and the way they expect other people to conduct. In this essay, we will examine what sociological evidence lies at the heart of gender stereotyping, and will then go on to analyze the reasons for its occurrence. The final part of the essay will explain how to get rid of this outdated atavism.

It is clear that the second example is a good one because it corresponds to all requirements, and is sure to make the reader interested and positively disposed.

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