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Knowledge Is Better Than Degree

Degree and knowledge are two sides of the same coin. To prosper in the race of life, a man needs to have a degree alongside knowledge. A degree without knowledge would be as unfilled as the knowledge without the degree. Both need to go as an inseparable unit keeping in mind the end goal to be the survival of the fittest.

Degree is only the guaranteed documentation of the ability inside the person. Each individual having the knowledge may not figure out how to achieve the degree. So also, every degree holder is not so much gifted. The necessity of the degree or skills relies on the association, the nature of post. On a general view, which measure conveys more weight age – the degree or the knowledge?



Lastly, Degree is the hypothetical assessment of a unique idea which is practically not achievable. It is the knowledge that helps the individual to grow up both substantially/fiscally and insignificantly regarding the status, significance, social appreciation and acknowledgment and so on. Degree most likely has its own particular significance, as a man need to have knowledge with a specific end goal to accomplish the degree. A complete dumb individual can't qualify to accomplish the degree. Thus, we can abridge by saying that the degree is the initial phase in the step of knowledge which prompts the achievement in life.

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