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What Is the Proper 5 Paragraph Essay Structure

When you are tasked with writing a 5 paragraph essay you might wonder what the proper structure is for your final paper.

When you are writing a five paragraph essay, you have to include the following 3 parts:

  1. Introductory paragraph

    This is the paragraph that houses your thesis statement. It serves as a miniature outline for the rest of your essay. It also grabs the attention of the reader. It should tell your reader what your paper will contain. The final sentence of the five paragraph essay should involve the “hook”, which helps to transition the reader from the introductory paragraph to the body of your paper.

  2. 3 Body paragraphs

    The three body paragraphs are where you include all of your arguments. There should be one argument for each paragraph. You can present them from the strongest argument to the weakest argument or you can choose to reverse the order. It is really up to you. No matter which order you use it is important to have a reverse hook in the first sentence of each body paragraph. That is also known as a topic sentence. The goal is to hook the preceding paragraph to the current paragraph. Then you need to include a sentence that explains what the paragraph is about. The final sentence needs to be a transition into the next paragraph. This should be done for every one of your body paragraphs. Make sure too that each of your body paragraphs and the points you make inside of them relate to the thesis statement.

  3. Concluding paragraph

    The conclusion is the fifth and final of your five paragraphs. It is where you restate your thesis and where you also have three sentences each of which should support the three key ideas you presented in the body of your essay. This is the final opportunity you have to convince your reader that your information is valid. The concluding paragraph should restate the thesis statement in a different way but one that echoes the original statement. It should also restate the points you presented and contain much the same pattern as your introductory paragraph. It should end with a sentence that signals to the reader that the discussion is over. Some students use this as an opportunity to present a “call to action” wherein the reader is called upon to act in some way.

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