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Officer Robert Barton

Once a person undergoes through training at the police academy, they are supposed to take an oath of service. The oath is all about honoring relationships that exists between fellow officers. Initially, all officers should understand the law prior to its enforcement. The case of Officer Robert Barton is about his desire to defend what was right. His goals and objectives were to preserve law and order while maintaining peace and offer protection to the society from offenders. On the contrary, Officer Barton joined a culture of diverse attitudes, perspectives and values.

In no time, he comforted to the basic norms propagated by the group and assimilated to the group’s actions to attain his success. He was very much aware of the silence code of the officers. Although he did not agree to it he had to support it in order for his department to succeed. The concepts of group dynamics and the groups’ nature on general terms tend to highly influence the working conditions.

Significance of group cohesiveness

In order to become successful group cohesiveness is important. It is exists when a given group establishes a strong bond amidst themselves and adapts similar behaviors for purposes of coherence and decrease any disagreement amidst the members of the groups. More than that cohesiveness stops being a positive when the people in it don’t seem to work in a coordinative manner. The worst happens when the social role of all those involved and their leaders no longer exists.

About the police department

The department of the police is among the departments where individuals should work efficiently in settings of groups for the sole intention of realizing their objectives effectively. Individuality with the scope of police work and department often produces underperformance and an inability for the achievement of the established goals effectively. Therefore, the concepts perpetuated by the groups and the dynamics in them were becoming essentially significant during the discussions of the procedures of work as outlined in the police department.

Officer Robert Barton’s case is somewhat relevant to the groups’ concepts and the dynamics experienced in the group. Therefore, Officers like Barton normally tend to take hold of their personal standards and morals in order to execute their functions within their set roles and duties. On the opposite, the dynamics of the group appear to influence the way they think and their abilities to realize these goals.

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