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Perception of Pain

According to Ronald pain can be described as the unpleasant emotional and sensory experience caused by a damaging stimuli which leads to the damage of a body tissue. Basically, this definition alludes towards a convergent thought, ascribing to the scientific fact that experiences such as touch, taste, vision, hearing and pain are perceived by sensory organs. An integration of pain and perception is majorly dependent on the functioning of the cerebral cortex found in the human brain. Even though there is sensory and emotional pain, biology concentrates on the description of physical pain receptors which are sensitive tissues that detect painful sensory experiences. For instance, when a person is pricked by a sharp object, the skin tissues become damaged and this triggers a chemical change which is registered by the nociceptors (the microscopic receptors of pain) located under the skin. These receptors are connected to neurons (nerve cells) which is interconnected to the spinal cord using a nerve fiber known as the axon. The pain experienced by the pricked part of the body leads to a subsequent activation of the pain receptors which then transport the coded electrical signals to the never fiber. The pain is then transported to the brain which initiates a response action.

A detailed analysis of pain perception by the pain receptors in the human body asserts that a collection of nerve fibers forms peripheral nerves. Therefore, electrical signals pass through neurons located in the peripheral nerves into the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. The spinal cord has synapses which contain a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) which passes the pain signals into the brain. The brain has thalamus which acts as a sorting station where signals for the different parts of the body are relayed. The signals are then sent to frontal cortex, somatosensory cortex and limbic system which controls thinking, physical sensation and emotions respectively. The transfer of the chemical signals through these nerves, into the cerebral cortex are fast and spontaneous leading to a rapid reflex action by the person perceiving the pain. The most common response in such situations involves the removal of the object causing pain. Scientists have noted the possibility of people feeling pain even after the stimuli has been removed. In conclusion, the perception of pain is both emotional and sensory and it triggers a feeling of discomfort which has far-reaching social and economic impacts on people. The process of pain transfer from the skin tissues to the cerebral cortex is rapid and this leads to an impulsive action.

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