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Simple Ways To Find Interesting Exploratory Essay Topics

Whatever you chose to write about for your exploratory essay, you will need to choose a topic that is not just interesting to you it will also hold the interest of your reader. If you don’t find it interesting then neither will your reader.

Take a bit of time to think about what you would like to write about preferably consider a theme that requires you to get involved in a bit of extra research. that extra bit of research can help you to take on a new perspective – simple yet effective.

By finding out more about a particular theme it also helps you to experience something new to share with your reader. Remember you are the investigator reporting to your reader. You need to be telling them something new, something original.

Once you have found an idea that could be the basis for your work then have a look online to see if there are any lists of subject ideas within that area. Sometimes you may need to look just beyond your field of study, if you are writing history then look in social sciences.

Look to see if you can also find some examples of work at the level that you will be writing at. Take the time to read a few of them. This will be time well spent.

It will also:

If you are still short of ideas, look back through your course notes and pick out some of the issues that you may have found interesting at the time. Choose an area that you feel that you would like to know more about. Perhaps something that your tutor did not have time to explore with the class would be a good starting point.

Your tutor may also be a source of ideas. If you are stuck for ideas have a chat with them. They were a student once so they are well aware that you may need to be directed to a few new ideas. Whatever you do, try to keep things simple.

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