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Process Essays: Choosing Your Topic

What is a process essay?

A process essay is the kind of essay that follows a methodological approach. You show the reader how they are going to achieve a certain milestone or carry out a certain task. A process essay topic usually starts with “how to.” The basic structure of a process essay stays the same like any other essay. A process essay has an introduction paragraph, which is the first paragraph of your essay. The body of your essay comes after the introduction paragraph. The final thing in your essay is the conclusion. It is usually a 5-6 sentences paragraph, which summarizes your entire essay. You need to conclude your essay in a precise manner.

The topic of your process essay

Process essays are methodological. You need to explain a process very clearly to your audience. This can be very boring or dry because you do not have the option to include your subjective opinion in the process. It usually needs facts and authenticated data to show the process. This is the reason the topic of your process essay should be very interesting so that your audience does not drift away.

Topics of a process essay

If you are looking for a good topic for your process essay then you are in safe hands. Finding a good topic for your process essay can be lot easier than other types of essays. You can talk about your passion in a comprehensive way. You can also have a good look around for interesting topics. Here is a list of interesting topics you can use for your process essay

  1. How to start your online business
  2. How to write a book through the first draft
  3. How to create an effective outline for your business plan
  4. How to make ice cream at home
  5. How to blend a coffee in a coffee machine
  6. How to find clothes on the internet
  7. How to buy and sell stuff online
  8. How to write a review on a movie
  9. How to watch Oscar winning movies on the internet
  10. How to access blocked sites on your computer
  11. How to draw paintings on your wall
  12. How to recycle materials to make creative art work
  13. How to control your temperament in a difficult situation
  14. How to drive safe at night
  15. How to lose weight after a pregnancy

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