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A List Of Good Argumentative Essay Topics On Texting While Driving

Many people are bound to their mobile telephones nowadays. Sometimes, such dependency might lead to awful consequences. Texting while driving is a widespread problem in the whole world. Many accidents happen due to the fault of careless drivers. As a result, this matter may serve as a good fundament for your argumentative essay. However, it’s better to look at this problem from a certain angle in your paper. In this way your essay topic will be narrower and more informative. Here are several ideas for your argumentative paper on texting while driving.

  1. The probability to get into an accident when texting while driving.
  2. Investigate in your paper how the chance to crash increases if you pay attention to your phone rather than the road.

  3. What is more dangerous: texting while driving or drunk driving?
  4. Do research and compare the numbers of accidents caused by these issues. Raise your arguments to discourage people from such a behavior.

  5. The number of fatal outcomes caused by texting while driving.
  6. Investigate in your essay how much people died because of careless drivers in your town or state during the year, for example.

  7. Laws created against texting while driving.
  8. This topic allows you to explore what punishment awaits drivers who are accused of texting while driving.

  9. Dangers you may face when texting while driving.
  10. Do research and describe what various dreadful consequences of texting while driving may occur.

  11. Is texting while driving a real distraction?
  12. Take one side of this question and raise your arguments to support your idea in the essay. Make your arguments persuasive.

  13. Should texting while driving to be banned for everyone?
  14. If you choose this topic you may discuss whether people of certain professions might be allowed texting while driving. Nevertheless, point out possible dangers.

  15. Where is your attention when texting while driving?
  16. Investigate in your paper how a driver’s attention focuses on texting rather than on driving. What can happen if you don’t pay much attention to the road?

  17. Victims of accidents caused by texting while driving.
  18. Do research and describe what injuries innocent people may get in an accident caused by texting while driving.

  19. Injuries that drivers might get when texting while driving.
  20. Gather information and describe car crashes that happened because of texting while driving. Point out the most dreadful injuries that drivers got in these accidents.

You may write about these topics in your argumentative essay or use them as an inspiration for your own original ideas.

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