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The Key to Writing an Analytical Essay without a Glitch

An analytical essay must serve its purpose to address any specific issue that is to be explored with contemplation and reasoning in the form of cross examination of several aspects related to the issue. An analytical essay is a tool through which a writer can make use of to put forth his views through the essay. An analytical essay must be drafted with clarity so that the takeaway from the essay is reflected loud and clear without any scope for confusion or deviation from the stand taken on the issue or for the argument. Also the analytical essay must be interpreted in a balanced point of view without getting carried away by partial analysis of the situation. Also another important factor that must be brought to notice while attempting an analytical essay is to support any kind of argument or view made on the issue to be analyzed with logic, reason, practical interpretation and the most important factor being presentation of evidence in support of the argument presented.

Evidence tends to provide reliability and credibility to the analytical essay which otherwise does not stand to be analyzed in proper perspective without citing enough evidence which may be either presented through literature citation, photographs, charts, tables, graphs or any kind of statistical analysis by credible sources of reference.

Therefore before attempting to write an analytical essay, the following points must be considered:

  1. Set the stage for a debate on the issue/ topic explored for the essay.
  2. Present both sides of the coin in the form of arguments and counter arguments.
  3. Take a specific directive through a statement that addresses the issue in your perspective and reflects your stand on the whole issue.
  4. Debate and analyze the statement against alternative ideas and concepts.
  5. Have a clear approach for the problem or issue addressed in the essay.
  6. Reflect the best solutions for the problem or issue through a convincing support by your arguments and claims that are filtered out with reason and logical interpretation.
  7. Explain why your stand stands to be a valid solution for the issue or problem.
  8. Present enough evidence in support of your arguments.
  9. Make a fitting conclusion and reassertion of your problem statement with newly acquired knowledge and results from the research attempted on the analysis of the essay.
  10. Make the essay interesting for the readers to enjoy in a full- fledged manner.

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