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The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire had been one of the most prosperous and strongest empires for more than five hundred years. However, some catastrophic changes gradually and inevitably occurred, and they resulted in the decline and fall of this gigantic regime. Different theories are suggested by scientists and historians to explain the fail of the Roman Empire, and they are undoubtedly interconnected. The decline and further collapse were caused by both natural and human-related factors, and none of them should be underestimated.

Political instability and corruption were two of the numerous causes of the empire’s decline. The two governing political sides – the Senate and the Emperor – were in a constant confrontation. They didn’t listen to each other and thus slowed down the development of the empire. All of the Roman emperors became corrupted and spoiled by their luxurious lives. Moreover, the corruption of the Praetorian Guard, i.e. the elite soldiers that primarily had been hired to guard the Emperor, grew to such an extent that they could choose and fire Emperors themselves.

Ill-conceived military strategies and the fast expansion of the empire were the other reasons for the empire’s collapse. Constant wars weakened the empire; warfare was costly and involved lots of soldiers. The rapid expansion of the territory led to the appearance of new borders that needed defense. There was a lack of soldiers, and barbarians from the conquered territories were allowed to join the army. As a result, Roman military secrets kept leaking out, and frequent barbarian invasions broke the empire.

Moral decline, slavery, and stagnation drained away the empire from within. Cruelty, decline in values, traditions, and ethical standards – these were the common features of those times. Slavery flourished, and the growth of more efficient technologies and innovations was suppressed. Slaves were ill-treated, and slave wars within the empire became more frequent. Cheap slave labor brought forth the unemployment of the working classes. The gap between the rich and poor people grew.

There were exterior factors that were disturbing as well. Lots of natural disasters occurred during the empire’s lifetime. People suffered much from numerous plagues, famines, and earthquakes. Nobody could be blamed, and religious views turned to Christianity as a consequence.

Taking into consideration all the aforementioned causes, it should be said that the fall of the Roman Empire was inevitable. Each single factor undermined the stability of the empire. Together, they overlapped and resulted in the failure of a truly magnificent and powerful reign.

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