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The Great Gatsby Review


Written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby is a novel that follows the lives of s set of characters. Key among the characters in the story is Jay Gatsby, a young yet mysterious millionaire living in Long Island in a town known as West Egg. In developing the story, Scott Fitzgerald employs numerous yet appropriate literary devices as he develops a conflict that sustains the plot. Plots of stories rely on the complexity of the conflicts and their subsequent resolutions. Scott Fitzgerald understands this as he develops systematic conflicts among the numerous characters in the plot. The various conflicts in the plot of the story sustains readership of the novel since the author develops natural conflicts as the discussion below portrays.

The conflicts in the novel fall in two distinct categories. The two categories are external and internal conflicts. Internal conflicts refer to the types of conflicts that arise within a character, in her mind, heart and conscience. Internal conflicts influence the decisions a character make thereby influences his or her relationship with others. External conflicts, on the other hand, are conflicts that occur among characters. From the beginning of the story, Jay Gatsby is in conflict both within himself and with the society. As a young boy, Jay Gatsby grows up in abject poverty. However, he believes he is destined for more, which he does not have yet. He writes a list of the things he wished for in life.

Gatsby is in love with Daisy. However, he is too poor to confess his love for Daisy. His inability to confess his love for Daisy is among the basic internal conflicts in the story. He wishes he could marry Daisy, but he is too poor to sustain a family. Such is an example of a conflict between Gatsby and the society in which he lives. Scott Fitzgerald develops numerous characters in the novel all of whom have various internal and external conflicts. Such is a vital feature of the plot that does not only conjoin the characters, but also sustains the audience. Daisy, for example, has numerous internal and external conflicts. She cheats on her husband. The trend worries her thereby influence her relationship with other characters. Jordan is yet another character who cheats in her favorite sport.

In retrospect, Scott Fitzgerald is a renowned author who understands the role of conflicts in sustaining the plots of a novel. He portrays this understanding in his novel, The Great Gatsby as he develops numerous characters. The characters have various internal and external conflicts a feature that sustains the story and is responsible for the love the novel enjoyed throughout the world.

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