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Writing A Strong Argumentative Essay On Obamacare: 5 Basic Suggestions

President Barack Obama was sworn into the Oval Office as the 44th president of the United States on January 20, 2009. Since that time he has been responsible for many legislations being passed in Congress but the most controversial was without a doubt "Obamacare", or the Affordable Care Act. It has been hotly debated and Americans are very vocal about which side they are on.

Regardless of the views you hold personally, it has become commonplace to hear groups of people discussing or arguing about the ACA. Those who are on the political "right" have basically demonized the law simply because it was headed by the President. Writing an argumentative essay on this topic is one of the most controversial that can possibly be chosen. No matter where you stand on the issue your essay is going to anger some portion of the audience you are appealing to. It is also likely that you are going to have a hard time swaying a staunch supporter or disapprover no matter how much evidence you present.

If you are ready to give it your best shot, here are 5 suggestions on writing a strong argumentative essay which is gives a positive spin on the ACA ( if your position is the opposite you can easily turn these 5 arguments around):

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