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Top Three Easy Ways To Start A Profile Essay

When it comes to crafting essays, most students always find the taking thought provoking and as such embark on an intense brainstorming exercise which will see them come up with a marvelous outline and structure. To such students, a good write-up is all about the flow and a captivating introduction. Importantly, any type of academic writing is unique in its own way and when it comes to those which require a student to do a composition about a person, one has to get it right from the start. On this premise, the most pivotal question whose answer you should seek and find before embarking on the actual writing is; what makes a good introduction for a profile essay? Well, how you start composing a literary piece would have a strong bearing with its quality and this is why most students strive to make it a hook. In this article, several strategies that will help you get it right with your introduction are explored so read on.

A quote can do for introduction

If at all you want to capture the attention of your reader in the first sentence, then you have no better option than to start it with a quote. For instance, if the person you want to write about is famous or popular, then the best idea would be to quote one of his or her sayings before you can elaborate. This way, you can be sure you will have hooked you reader instantly.

Anecdotes are not a bad idea

People have different ways of starting a profile essay and to a student; following in the same would definitely earn you higher marks as well as elicit interest in your reader. With the use of anecdotes, good writers always have a way of connecting reality with their writing and as a reader; you will be taken through a journey of reflections and foreshadowing. Anecdotes can link a piece of writing to events, people or things. On this premise, always try to come up with that which is relevant to your case.

Imagery has always done the trick

While most students would go for the informational type of writing, good essayists always want to make an introduction dramatic. On this premise, they would want to draw on one’s profile using colorful language. Imagery involves use of metaphors and similes appropriately for as long as they build a link with your reference.

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