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How To Create A Cause And Effect Essay About Immigration To US

It is an astonishing fact that 30% of global immigration is towards US, meaning about 30 people out of 100 immigrants get into US shores. The logic is clear; United States of America is the one and only global superpower currently; what with the breakup of USSR.

Moving for better waters

Many people assume there are greener pastures in US and move for a better life. However, while there, they may find the going tough owing to additional expectation at their native place and general effects of racism which is harsh but true.

Here is a way you can devise a cause and effect essay about immigration to US –

The ending advice

You can conclude your essay with effective advice for potential immigrants not to paint a dreamy picture about the country but to be realistic about the ends and definite about the wok they wish to carry while on the US shores.

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